So-Called Dollars

HK 776 - 917


HK-1005 - Eutopia Dollar - 1886
HK-777 to HK-786 - Bryan Dollars
HK-787 to HK-797 - Lesher or Referendum Dollars
HK-798 to HK-819 - Elder "Taft" and "Wilson" or "Gold Basis" Dollars
HK-820 - Montana Dollars
HK-821 - Nevada Dollar
HK-822 to HK-828 - Pedley-Ryan Dollars
HK-829 to HK-831 - Aaron White Satirical Dollar
HK-832 - Whipple Dollar
HK-833 to HK-837 - Bickford Dollars
HK-838 to HK-851 - Alaska Souvenir Gold
HK-852 to HK-856a - Continental Dollars, Dickeson and Elder Restrikes
HK-857 to HK-866c - Elder Issues Related to Continental Dollar Restrikes
HK-867 to HK-870 - Colorado's "Century of Progress" Dollars
HK-871 to HK-873l - United Nations Monetary Patterns
HK-874 to HK-875a - Loyal National League
HK-876 to HK-876a - Denver Mint Opening
HK-877 to HK-891c - Thomas L. Elder, Miscellaneous World War I Issues
HK-892 to HK-895 - World War I Good Luck Medals
HK-896 to HK-900 - World War I Peace Medals
HK-901 to HK-903 - World War I Victory Medals
HK-904 - World War I Reserve Officers Camp
HK-905 to HK-907a - Swift & Company
HK-908 to HK-909 - Ku Klux Klan
HK-910 to HK-913 - World War II Victory Medal
HK-914 to HK-915 - United Nations Pledge Medal
HK-916 to HK-917 - God and Freedom Medal