So-Called Dollars

CIRCA 1950

Medals issued by American Commemorative Society, trade name of late Charles F. Smith, Boston, MA; designed and engraved by J. R. Pinches, sculptor; probably struck by Pinches in London. Beginning about 1950, Smith made effort to increase collectors' interest generally in medals; Other issues included half-dollar size pieces pertaining to Spanish-American War; larger ones commemorating 200th anniversary of Benjamin Franklin's kite flying.

Paul Revere Dollar

Medal first advertised for sale in 1950; probably intended to commemorate 175th anniversary of famous ride of Paul Revere (1735-1818) April 18, 1775. He also was one of leaders of Boston Tea Party 1773 and of Sons of Liberty, organized about same time. This was very limited issue, not more than 200 to 250 struck; sold for $3.65.

Photos courtesy of John Dean

Obv. Male bust facing part r.; to l. 1735, to r. 1818; above, around American • Patriots • Series; below bust Paul Revere / American Patriot / Metal Craftsman / Engraver / incuse J. R. Pinches
Rev. Man on horseback galloping to r., beneath horse and in background are small houses and trees; above, around American Commemorative Society; below horse So Through the Night / Rode Paul Revere / April • 18 • 1775

HK-506 Bronze. 38mm.

Telephone Diamond Jubilee Dollar

Photos courtesy of John Dean

Obv. Male bust facing part l.; to l. 1876, to r. 1951; above, around Telephone • Diamond • Jubilee; below bust Alexander / Graham Bell / 1847-1922
Rev. Two men facing, on part r, other l., near workbench; above, around American Commemorative Society; below Mr Bell I Heard Every / Word You Said / Distinctly

HK-506a Bronze. 38mm.

Middlebury College Dollar

Photos courtesy of Dave Hayes

Obv. Male bust facing l.; above, around Jeremiah • Atwater • First • President • 1800 • 1809
Rev. 1800 / Middlebury / Vermont 1950 / American College Series / lamp of knowledge to l., quill pen in inkpot to r. / American / Commemorative / Society / quill pen; above, around 150th Anniversary • Middlebury • College •

HK-506b Bronze. 38mm.

HK-503 to HK-505